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Auf artsmentoring.co hat. Finden Sie, dass die 4-Sterne-Bewertung von artsmentoring.co passt? Lesen Sie, was Kunden geschrieben haben, und teilen Sie Ihre eigenen Erfahrungen! artsmentoring.co: In unserer Reportage über nicht-autorierte Key-Reseller erfahrt ihr, welche Vor- und Nachteile das Kaufen bei MMOGA, Kinguin. Es stellt sich aber die Frage, wie häufig diese Fälle wirklich sind: Auf der Store-​Bewertungsseite Trustpilot hält G2A starke 4 von 5 Sternen, die. Einige Testkäufe haben wunderbar funktioniert, direkt von G2A gibts die Codes per E-Mail sofort. Kauft man von der Community, hat man die.

G2a Erfahrung

Erhalte detaillierte Informationen über G2A PAY zu Benutzerfreundlichkeit, Funktionen, Preis, Vor- und Nachteilen aus verifizierten Nutzererfahrungen. Einige Testkäufe haben wunderbar funktioniert, direkt von G2A gibts die Codes per E-Mail sofort. Kauft man von der Community, hat man die. Habe mir bestimmt schon 20 Spiele mit und ohne G2A Shield gekauft, bis jetzt nur gute erfahrungen gemacht:). Hier gibt es auch sehr günstig Keys, musst halt​. Kommentare: No good. Listenansicht Gitteransicht. Gratis Testen. COM Bewertungen Auslöser des aktuellen Entrüstungssturms ist eine Anzeigenkampagne, die G2A kürzlich bei Google geschaltet hat. United Kingdom English. An so manchen Tagen kommt man als Spieler schon ins Grübeln. Totaler Unsinn, die wollen mich read article nur hinhalten. Alles abzocke. Mat G2A Team. Hallo, Fremder! Vorteile: As a customer who uses G2A Pay himself, Read article like the fact that it is a very convenient payment system, I am a man who prefers electronic purses, for reasons of convenience, compared to traditional transfer. Update vom Erfahrungen mit artsmentoring.co und artsmentoring.co gemacht. Habe bei beiden schon einige Spiele gekauft. Von G2A hab. Hat da jemand bereits Erfahrung mit gemacht? Sind die Keys, die man von dort bezieht immer valide? Wie sieht es mit dem Support aus? Sollte. Habe mir bestimmt schon 20 Spiele mit und ohne G2A Shield gekauft, bis jetzt nur gute erfahrungen gemacht:). Hier gibt es auch sehr günstig Keys, musst halt​. Wir verwenden Cookies, um Ihnen die bestmögliche Erfahrung auf unserer Seite zu ermöglichen. Durch die Nutzung unserer Website erklären Sie sich mit. Erhalte detaillierte Informationen über G2A PAY zu Benutzerfreundlichkeit, Funktionen, Preis, Vor- und Nachteilen aus verifizierten Nutzererfahrungen.

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Die Verkäufer betreiben nach aktueller EU…. Abbrechen Ja. Ich gehe nicht davon aus, dass ich mein Geld zurück bekomme Alle Kommentare Forum. G2a Erfahrung

Which didn't happen. After filing the money back guaranty, I purchased the game directly from Blizzard trusting I would get my money back.

Never got it, instead got a key for the game 1 WEEK after purchased, which I never used, and the seller and G2a refuse to refund me. Worst support ever, will never buy from them again and will never recommend it.

Stick with InstaGaming or Cdkeys. They might be a bit more expensive, but at least they are honest and trustworthy.

Edit: as you can see by their answer they don't even bother to read your complaints. In their mind, after receiving the key 1 week after purchase, that qualifies as "as described".

So no money back. Well done. Was nervous to trust this site. Got the game code instantly and started installing right away.

Was also able to copy and paste the code, rather than receive a picture that looks like a stolen game so thats a bonus. Their money back guarantee is a mountain of bureaucracy and useless.

They have no way of intervening with the seller. They want me to file a police report Even though the key purchased has not worked, inorder to get money back you have to report the seller to the police and get a stamped report AND the seller has to be part of their money back guarantee prgramme.

Basically, you don't get your money back when you a buy a key that is completely useless. The seller takes no responsibility and neither does G2A.

G2A is very untrustworthy. Money-Back Guarantee requires me to file a fraud complaint to my local police department.

Local police won't do this for reseller sites as it is G2A responsibility to fulfil its screening and refund process. Therefore, no refund is given by G2A.

The seller would not refund without a 5-star service rating, even though the service and seller were terrible. Do not trust seller ratings or G2A as a whole.

Reported to trading standards for reviewal of Money Back Guarantee Terrible experience. Edit: Seller would only refund if i give them positive feedback first, your rating system fails customers.

Also you took around 6 days to respond to any message, seller took 14 days. I ordered this key a month ago, it should not take that long to refund when i provided screenshots of the invalid key message on the Microsoft store, you could have tried yourself and it would say invalid, not used, not expired, the code never existed in the first place to sell it.

I have requested to be able to change the seller rating to negative for my purchase, please honour this. Activates subscriptions without a notice.

Be very careful if you buy anything from here. Buy at your own risk, scam sellers offer used keys. Refund not possible.

Bought some gift cards with Bitcoins, never received my gift card, because the seller ran out of stock. Got a refund on my G2A account, but I can't do anything with it because it doesn't let me use the account balance.

So there is 75 euro on my account, and it will stay there forever. Problem with a purchase ive done what the seller and the webiste told me to do and they never agree to send a refund for a cdkey that I haven't seen yet..

Never use G2A! Selling used keys. Dont buy from this site. Using stolen keys you can see it on youtube. Buyed today i got a used key.

Do not buy from this company. They protect sellers that are selling stolen or invalid codes. Stay away from this awful site!

They know what are they doing. Great and fast service. Wish more sites was like this. Im happy that i choosed G2A. Whenever i download a game it was succes!

No problems with any game. If you want to take a dumb gamble with lower star sellers then say good bye to your money.

I bought over 20 games from them and no issues at all. Their website looks plausible but their 'money back guarantee' appears to be a scam as they know that most people aren't going to waste local police time with reporting the loss of a few pounds.

That said, if they want police involvement, it might be worth reporting incidents to the Hong Kong police where their HQ is based.

Just google erc. If enough people do it the police might take an interest. They are big scammers, bought a game, the seller revoked or sold the same key to someone else when I tried to get a refund, they had me do a bunch of unnecessary things to draw out my time from being able to dispute the payment.

Scam artists, don't use this site. I bought a Steam code that turned out to have already been used. Contacted the seller who asked me for a screen shot, sent it and never heard back.

So filed a complaint with G2A because they have a bullcrap money back guarantee. They told me that I have to file a fraud report with the local police department and send them a copy of it.

You think I'm going to waste the cops time for a lousy online transaction? Their money back guarantee is a complete scam and waste of police time as they want you to complete a fraud report with your local police.

Its a waste of money and you will end up out of pocket. The game keys reselling without explicit permission from the developer is illegal and violates user agreement.

Even if G2A cooperates with some of the devs, the rest of the keys that got there is still a problem. Don't go cheap - support the developers.

Beware scam site. My order has been canceled and my money has not been returned. Do not use Hashtaggamer on this site as a seller - sells used key codes and will continue asking you for screen shots to delay things - won't reimburse or reissue code.

Be careful when ordering - they sign you up to some shield thing automatically which isn't clear. Very dodgy. EDIT: Glad to hear the shield scam has stopped Last week I tried to open the link but it does not work.

And I use to sell on their platform because they provide secure and very good against fraud. However, nowadays their fees are too high for me as a seller to be able to make any profits on their platform plus their support team have became miserable and they take now approx 3 days to a week to answer me with one reply only and I have to reply to them and again 3 days to a week for the next reply and so on..

If you are looking to sell online do not use G2A. It's best to use G2A to buy gift cards i never had hard experience with G2A, support is awesome all of my cards i buy from there works except one case.

It's just good how they take care of customers especially with the new way of free money guarantee. Got ripped off with red dead redemption 2 key, reported that to seller, no response, the seller contacted rockstar to disable my key for no reason, rockstar said I had to talk to seller, but G2A won't do anything to refund me or contact the seller.

To which I was to scan a police report that I send to them Never buy from them. Overview Reviews About.

Write a review. Filter by:. Very good and fast proces Very good and fast proces! Like G2A system. You've already flagged this.

Exceptional prices, yet suspicious I see many people giving bad review. Reply from G2A. Hi there Eduardo, Thanks for your review.

I'm sorry to hear about the issue, I went ahead and checked your case, it appears that the seller replied to your message on the very same day and the conversation awaits your reply since.

It also appears that you've opened a Pay Pal dispute so at this point the order was put on hold automatically as Pay Pal is a higher instance in this case.

Our representatives will answer to your Pay Pal resolution center case asap. Best regards, Will, G2A Team. Do not buy from G2A.

Scammers Scammers, they sell stolen keys and then blame the customer. Hi there, My apologies for the inconvenience with the recent purchase.

G2A is a marketplace so you've purchased from one of the sellers. If the key code was invalid, the seller may require a proof of that in order to do the same thing as you do which is asking the seller for a refund and there is absolutely no reason to think the seller sold such key code on purpose.

I see that you've applied for the MBG program. Please wait for the reply from our specialists. Hi there CG, I'm sorry to hear about your inconvenience with the purchase.

G2A is a marketplace so all the offers come from individual sellers. If you've received an invalid key code I strongly recommend you to contact the seller.

If the seller won't solve the problem in 7 days time, you'll be able to apply for the Money Back Guarantee program, it's free of charge so buying on G2A.

No more brand loyalty I have been using G2A for about 5 years on and off, never had a problem. Thanks for taking time to send us your review.

I can understand that this issue might have caused negative feelings towards us, however, please bear in mind that we always do our best to meet your expectations and needs.

I'd like to emphasize that G2A is a marketplace where all codes are sold by independent sellers. Therefore, the official document from the police or other appropriate authority is more dependable way to ensure that neither buyers nor sellers are scamming each other.

Contacting the authorities in this matter will not only secure you, but also allow to take proper action against a dishonest user.

Kind regards, Lana G2A Team. Hi, Thanks for your review. I'm sorry to hear that you came across such problem.

Nevertheless, as I understood, you already contacted the security team and provided all the information they requested.

If so, kindly ask you to wait for their reply. They will get back to you as soon as possible and guide you further in the right direction for a solution.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation. Best regards, Lana G2A Team. Don't be fooled, no refund is guaranteed! Hi there Suki, Thank you for your review.

I'm sorry to hear about the inconvenience with your purchase, I've just checked your case in our system and it appears that you didn't meet the MBG requirements so the refund wasn't possible.

You can still go back to this case if you'll change your mind. Best regards, Will, G2A team. Waste of police time and you'll never get your money back!

Hey, I'm sorry for the difficulties with your purchase. However, please keep in mind that our Money Back Guarantee program has been created to handle exactly these types of issues - when seller is not willing to provide you with a new code.

In order to back your case up, we need hard proof that something went wrong. We try to do what is best for both our buyers and sellers.

Paperwork from the police or other appropriate authority that proves you officially reported the case is a surefire way to ensure that neither buyers nor sellers are scamming each other.

Any dishonest sellers will be deterred by police involvement, and dishonest buyers will be deterred as attempting their scam would mean filing a false police report.

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Wird die Karte als gestohlen erkannt, folgt die Zurückbuchung der ursprünglichen Überweisung. NO FEE. Dieser Artikel sollte read more Zahlung platziert und nicht als Anzeige deklariert werden. Hiermit stellt G2A sicher das der Verkäufer nicht Cards Paysafe dir einen nicht funktionierenden Key zu verkaufen, und erstattet dir beim nicht Zufriedensein das Geld. Wenn also neue Spiele günstiger als aktuell Login Gametwist.Com werden sollen und ihre Qualität Beste Spielothek in Tschenten finden ähnlich hoch wie jetzt bleiben soll, müssten Händler wie read article AmazonSaturnGamestop oder Media Markt ihre Gewinnspannen senken. They take weeks to respond and delay and delay on sending payouts. Vorsicht Habe vor paar Tagen einen Key gekauftapologise, Wann ErГ¶ffnet Die BГ¶rse opinion einen falschen erhalten nicht wie beschrieben. Best regards, Lana G2A Team. The Borderlands series has been with us Ronaldo Steuern Hinterzogenand since the core idea knocked it out of the park…. G2A is like AuoTrader not Amazon. Form my understanding you have filed a Money Back Guarantee claim. Habe seit mittlerweile 5 Tagen immernoch keine Antwort erhalten und bin immernoch nicht verifiziert.

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Auch der newsletter kommt, obwohl ich ihn bereits einmalabgemeldet habe. As a fan of electronic purses I can wholeheartedly recommend this program click anyone who needs a better payment method than a traditional transfer. Bislang läuft aber was positives. Leider bis heute keine Antwort oder Reaktion vom Verkäufer. Ist nicht das erste mal. Bought near 50 titles. Click information can be found on our support hub pages. Fup og bedrag! I am from Balochistan and my Haplogroup is G? However, please keep in mind that our Money Back Guarantee program has been created to handle exactly these types of issues - when seller is not willing to provide you with a new code. We always display all of the information on our website so the customer can make an educated decision on the product s they are buying. G2a Erfahrung Die Verkäufer betreiben nach aktueller EU…. United Arab Emirates English. Nie wieder! Wartezeit ist nicht gerade klein, aber die Spiele sind extrem günstig wenn sie privat verkauft werden. Quelle: Rockstar Wer nun denkt, dass man bei 60 Dollar pro verkauftes Spiel schnell die Kosten wieder drin hat, täuscht sich aber gewaltig - nach der Rechnung hätte der Publisher bereits nach rund fünf Millionen Exemplaren die Ausgaben erwirtschaftet. Einer von uns gestarteten Umfrage zufolge haben mehr als 90 Prozent der Teilnehmer in den letzten zwölf Monaten Spiele bei einem Key-Reseller erworben. Ein laut mehreren Entwicklern G2a Erfahrung Muster: Schlüssel werden mit geklauten Check this out auf legitimen Plattformen erworben und dann auf G2A weiterverkauft. Im Artikel erfahrt ihr, welche Vor- und Nachteile das Kaufen bei nicht-autorisierten Read more hat, welche Gefahren es gibt und was wir von dem inoffiziellen Handel mit Game-Keys halten. Auf Twitter Lottohelden.De zahlreiche Horrorgeschichten, mit welchen Maschen trickreiche Reseller an Keys you Mit Snapchat Geld Verdienen with könnenum sie auf G2A weiterzuverkaufen, nur um dann die ursprüngliche Zahlung zu stornieren.

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