The end…of a season.

by Geoff Hall on August 30, 2016

August 2016 – The end…of a season

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.” Ecclesiastes.

The Group Logo was designed by Barry Dunnage.

The Group Logo was designed by Barry Dunnage.


The Group has been around for 15 years. We started in 2001 and have experienced many changes and seasons along the way. It all began with an initial talk at the UWE  (Bower Ashton) Christian Union, which led to us meeting in various places; some good and others eventually unwelcoming.


We’ve had many wonderful evenings together at the Tree House, I would call them spiritually vital and since our inception in 2001, one thing stands out; namely that we have all grown up, well aged, a little.The needs are no longer the same, but I think our heart’s desire to meet together seems undiminished. I’d like to thank you for supporting those evenings together, the ‘Set All Free’ exhibition, the ‘Imaging God’ Conference as well as  ‘Going Deeper’ at the Colston Hall,  which we bust a gut to play a part in, but it turned out to be something we renamed ‘Scratching the Surface’!!


The 'Set All Free' Exhibition at the Grant Bradley Gallery, Bristol. (2007)

The ‘Set All Free’ Exhibition at the Grant Bradley Gallery, Bristol. (2007)


It feels to me like the end of a season, it’s one of those deep resonances that I can’t ignore. The new season hasn’t arrived yet; we are I think at one of those in-between moments, neither in summer, nor in autumn.


What I’m not saying is that there won’t be the ability to promote your work through our network, or meet me for a coffee or beer in Bristol, Bath, Gloucester or Exeter. Rest assured, you can bend my ear any time. What will happen with the blog over the coming year, is that I’ll run it down until next August when the GoDaddy contract runs out. It will then disappear from the internet. I’ll stop the monthly ‘letters’ as from today, but I will keep the email list together, so that we can easily promote our work to one another.


I’ll spend a bit more time developing the website, once the bugs have been eradicated and it’s no longer red flagged by Google. The Arts Mentoring Group page on Facebook will continue.


It’s been a joy to be a part of and serve our community, but after 15 years the shape, the form of it needs to change. BUT, fear not, I’ll still be looking to put on the odd Tree House evening, when projects warrant a night together. Plus we are still meeting together fro the ‘Rebirthing of God’ sessions each month, which is a real encouragement.

It’s just that I have this ‘feeling’ of seasonal change. For sure, there are many things I’m wrestling with at the moment, some of which I can’t share. However, please share your thoughts with The Group by using “REPLY ALL” on the email, on anything I have shared here. There’s also a ‘Comments’ button on the blog for you to post any thoughts.

If you want me to remove you from the email list, then that’s okay, just let me know.

Oh, and you can still find me here, at the Upptacka Shop!

Available at the Upptacka Shop!

Available at the Upptacka Shop!

Peace and Love,


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