Tree House Quotes

by Geoff Hall on January 10, 2013


Thanks for coming along to the Tree House last night. I thought I’d add the quotes from the Intro to our evening, so here goes. They encapsulate the challenges I’m making of my own work in 2013.

Gaston Bachelard – “…touch the depths before it stirs the surface…” Who was he? A French philosopher who influenced the work of Andrei Tarkovsky and wrote on the ‘Poetics of Space’ and the ‘Poetics of the Imagination’. A must read for Geoff in 2013! This is a call away from the obvious to the suggestive, to alluding to and moving away from describing reality in the hope of achieving some kind of objective truth, (as with social realism).




WALTER BRUEGGEMANN wrote [and put into our artistic context]:

I believe that this is how the [artist] must live in response to the Text;…[their] deepest moments of trusting faith, is addressed by the revelatory text – not in predictable ways but in ways that surprise and subvert and enliven. But, then, that is what one must expect from a Text that bears witness to the God who judges and restores Israel, who shows up as Friday absence and as Sunday newness.

The [artistic community], when it answers to this Text, is indeed called to an alternative life in the world. The world around us – with its immense power and knowledge – intends none of the vulnerability of Friday. With its capacity for control and prediction, it intends none of the surprise of Sunday. But the [artistic community], when it responds in alternative imagination, is exactly a practice of vulnerability and surprise that keeps our common life human. That is the passion that propels my exposition.


Bill Nicholson ~ Screenwriter. (Gladiator, Les Miserables) BFI Lecture Series

"And they add up, all these films, to a sense of what is acceptable
in life and what is not. So we have an enormous power, particularly
the movies that are widely seen. You may think if they’re pure
entertainment there is no moral message in it, but that is not true.
Imagine every film you ever saw exalted people with guns and said:

‘The people with guns win because they’ve got guns,
and everybody who hasn’t got a gun is a pathetic loser.’ 

We would develop as a society – perhaps we are developing as a 
society – where people want guns in order not to be losers. In fact,
that’s not what the movies say. They nearly always show that the
person who has right on their side has the ‘best gun’ if you like.
I know that is a bit pathetic, but there is a moral story operating 
there. So we are conditioning our society all the time and we should
take responsibility for that."




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