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by Geoff Hall on April 15, 2014


Here are the Social Media channels for Andy Rankin, purveyor of small stones and fine photography.

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Copyright 2012, Andy Rankin.
(Access Personal website here)

 Andy’s Bio:

I am a small stone and pebble artist and photographer. I play and place my installations in urban, industrial, natural and unusual contexts to catch an eye and stimulate an imaginative response.


My exhibition spaces exist in nooks, crannies, cracks and ledges both public and private. The nature of my work is temporary as it interacts with wind, rain and the vagaries of the casual passer-by.

Social Media Links:


Twitter: @RankinStones

Professional & Product Facebook page:




If you have a Google+ Account you can find Andy’s work at:

+Rankin Stones

Check out Andy’s work,  you won’t be disappointed, but remember to like his work and send him comments.





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