The Group – Monthly Letter January 2013

by Geoff Hall on February 1, 2013

January, 2013.  From conception to Birth


Mentoring support for word, image and performance arts


Yesterday I had a day away from PCville and felt strangely liberated. Does that ever work for you? Mmm, but then the conundrum arises; how would we connect with people anymore, as physical contact seems to be a thing of the past? That’s why I like the Tree House so much, not just to see people’s work, but it’s the hugs, nothing beats a hug from a long prayed for friend!


And so, yesterday I read a little of Tom Wright’s book ‘Simply Jesus’. He always seems to have something pertinent to say and here it is, a thing about the questions people asked about Jesus:


“…the question are questions precisely because something is going on that demands a collapse of categories, a breaking of boundaries, a widening of worldview to the point where the new thing, whatever it is, will make sense when it does…[because] Jesus fitted no ready-made categories.” [p163/164].


For Jesus, all of this was just a ‘sign of the times’. It sounds a little like our age; a postmodern maelstrom, a violent whirling of forces which seem to destroy everything, but actually everything is still in the vortex, the maelstrom, it’s just a change in velocity and direction. It is not a force of indescribable parts, but it’s firmly of its day.


And that for me is Postmodernism, our cultural context today, here on Planet Earth. Lyotard wrote that Postmodernism is just nascent Modernity, that is, what was conceived in Modernity is now coming to birth in Postmodernism.


'Old Master - Adoration' by Jane Lee. Used by permission of the artist.

What does that mean to us as artists today? I think we have to be like the Jesus who is beyond ready-made categories, defies a rational explanation and conventional labelling. Why? Because, if we are then our art will also have that quality. Labels don’t help, they limit our context to a ghetto.


As we start 2013, how resolved are we to see the thing, the calling that was conceived in us, woven in our fearfully and wonderfully formed substance, for it to be born in this age of collapsing categories, breaking of boundaries, but yes a widening of worldview. For the Spirit who inspires us is beyond confinement, a freely blowing Wind that will be what it will be and will change the world. Are we living up to our calling as artists? Is the calling which was conceived in us about to give birth in an unsuspecting world and having been born to change that world forever? Mentors are like midwives y’know!

Peace and Love,



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