The Group Letter – March 2012

by Geoff Hall on March 31, 2012

March, 2012. Calling and Vocation


Mentoring support in the word, image and performance arts

Paul wrote to a central trading city in Asia Minor that we are created to


“…do good works which God prepared in advance for us to do.”


I was sat in a ‘Vision Meeting’ a couple of weeks ago and people were asked who knew their calling and vocation. Only 10 out of the 50 people attending put up their hands, the rest admitted that they had never found out what this was. Some of these people had been Followers of the Way for decades and not days, weeks or months. Whilst reducing the best good news on the planet to sound bites and programmed steps of salvific intent we have neglected not the message, but the messenger.


The good works prepared for us to do are not sanctified things, things set apart from ‘worldly pursuits’, but the stuff of life itself. The understanding of discipleship that night and I must admit to hating this word nowadays, was anything but grounded on planet earth, with big picture theologies being bandied about without even a hint of tarragon or stewardship.


The cosmic view is fine, but whereas Paul managed to start a few letters to Asia Minor communities with such views he never left it there, but ended up writing about personal relationships, vain philosophies of life and how we respond to them, etc. The big overarching picture doesn’t really help inform you how to work on planet earth, how to use your gifts as a good steward. If you don’t know your calling and vocation then how will you ever find the good works which God has prepared for us to do. Such activity is not vague and abstract but grounded, tangible and is focused on your gifts (that’s why you have them!) – the talents given by a Creator who wrote the book on stewardship and didn’t throw it away. If you are not standing, walking or working in the right place how will you find them?


If your community is more interested in using you as a utility for this limited edition good news and doesn’t care enough to nurture your gifts and help you explore the territory of your calling and vocation, then no wonder you get frustrated and lose all hope of having an intimate relationship with your Creator, who if the past two hundred years are anything to go by, has lost all interest in things personal and is only concerned with getting a return on his investment.

Peace and Love,


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