Perfect love casts out fear

by Geoff Hall on February 27, 2015

February 2015 – Perfect Love casts out fear


Mentoring for word, image and performance art.

Mentoring for word, image and performance art.




This month has been quite a rollercoaster ride, taking me through the slough of despond, to the dizzy heights of ‘yes we’d like to invest in your film’ kinda people.


For those following The Group on Facebook, you’ll know what happened; one of those moments when all appears lost and you have to let it all go, slip though your fingers, hand it back to God as a dream yet unborn.


And then a friend arrives, miraculously on my phone which is at times impervious to a signal, and tells me ‘we’ can fix this and he’s willing to help play a part in it too.


What had led me to the slough of despond was the realisation that I didn’t have any more to give, any money, any way to fix the problem and absolutely no knowledge of how to do anything other than say, “I’m done”. After three years, we’re done. No film, no nothing, no way perceivable other than the one back to my study; to write again, hoping for more resources to realise the dream than I had last time. Done for!


Then I was reading John’s wonderful letter, the first one; the one where he talks a lot about love, that God is Love, that we ought to live in love, etc. He tells us that perfect love casts out fear and that fear is to do with torment and not…love.  He seems to have a thing about love.


Then there was one of those sudden epiphanies, of what is actually informing my decisions; fear or love. Yes I love my calling to write, to write a bit more and sometimes to get to make films, sometimes have books published. What I don’t like is the lack of resources to actually produce anything for the public domain. Why does God call and not provide what we need, to let us thrive with our gift and calling? Beats me! If I was God you see, I’d call people and then give them a stipend to pursue it with passion and yes, with love.


But what if fear of not having those resources, of feeling bereft of anything, of nothing else to give, prevails? So much so, that we can’t be part of the change, so that we can’t cultivate things like love, peace and justice in our society. That’s what we’re here for, right? Not self-preservation or the promotion of self-interest, but to be the ray of light we were meant to be; a light to shine in the darkened corners of our world. Yes, all four of them.


If fear dictates how we live, we will find that the love of a calling will be strangled by weeds on the proverbial wayside. We may struggle with IBS, depression, anxiety, PTSD, asthma, arrhythmia, self-loathing, whatever, but those things shouldn’t negate the promise that ‘perfect love casts out fear’. For if we make our life-choices from Love, the torment of our surrender to do nothing, because all those things are against us, will not overcome us.


Do you love what you do? Then pursue it. Do you Love the One who called you to do it? Then pursue the One and Only, with love.


Love leads us in a new direction.

Love overcomes fear,

revokes the power of the things which torment us,

ignites the flame,

turns on the light.


Hope flickers to life…as in a dream…

PS, it’s okay to click on the YouTube link! Don’t be afraid!

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