On Being an Artist – Deborah Keiller (part two)

by Geoff Hall on March 30, 2012

Day TwoArt students aren’t taught about how to expand their market as an artist; developing a client list, networking, promoting their work through social media. How do you go about attracting clients, getting people interested in your projects, finding funding sources, or marketing your work? 


"Life Drawing" by Deborah Keiller

Indeed…if I remember back to my degree, I don’t recollect any advice or formal help was given in terms of our future. Strange as marketing is so critical to an artist’s success!

I have pretty much learnt along the way & have benefitted from the occasional nugget of advice from my husband who is a businessman. For me confidence in myself & my work is crucial…if I lack this I feel paralysed & unable to make a phone call or introduction!

Secondly I research art galleries & shops to see if their current collection of work resonates with mine…if there’s no connection in terms of calibre, subject matter, price, etc then I don’t approach (for example…I haven’t contacted Saatchi yet!!) It’s important to have a sober understanding of your work …. some gallery owners have given me helpful advice in this area.

Thirdly I have found networking with local artists very helpful, conversations often lead to ideas or direct contacts that I have pursued. I stay in touch through network groups such as BANA and BAS, Open Studios events, exhibitions, blogs & Facebook!

Finally, I have taken the advice of friends who say not to give up. It is easy to personalise rejection & feel disheartened. However when an art gallery rejects my work I remind myself that it is not me who is being rejected, but simply the image I have sent at that particular time!


“I found networking with local artists very helpful.”

With that in mind, let me remind you that the next Tree House is on Wednesday April 11th at the Hooper House Cafe (8pm) where you can do such a thing! Johannes and Birgit Manz will be with us for a talk about the Aspekt Galerie and their vision for its future.



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