Ever feel like giving up?

by Geoff Hall on February 3, 2012


Ever felt so close and yet so far away from your objective?

Ever felt like the sacrifices you make are just not worth it, that you haven’t achieved anything near what you wanted?

Ever felt that the only difference you make is to deplete your bank account of resources to live off?

Mmm, welcome to my world, welcome to OUR world, let’s embrace in this intimate moment, this joining of hearts.

"Venetian Sunset", Copyright 2012, Geoff Hall


We probably resent the accent always being on money and not creativity. Some would counsel us not to be selfish and give up for the good of the family, for the good of our health!

Kierkegaard warns us in ‘Fear & Trembling’ that ‘resignation is no substitute for faith’. My problem is that many want me to give up, even when I’m on the verge of making what I believe will be a great film (My Name Is Sorrow). Even though – and generally this is used as a meaningful sign by my friendly naysayers who know a thing or two (no doubt) about quitting –  we haven’t quite reached our budget target, so hey God says ‘quit’ after all this!

So why are we so good at making resignation a virtue, for if Kierkegaard is right, then aren’t we destroying faith? Shouldn’t we be encouraging people to continue in their calling and vocation? Has our faith been diluted to the call of a ‘reasonable’ life? Are we here to preserve the status quo, or change it, transform this broken reality into something vastly more livable?

Last year Chris and I published 4 books in the ‘Spiritual Direction in a Postmodern Landscape‘ series and whilst I believe in leaving a legacy for the next generation, I’d also like to feel I could live in this one, from my gifts, my talents. I realise the folly of my own questions, so bear with me…but what have we achieved?

I love this life that I can’t quite live!

So, I’m looking for some solace, some like-minded people who like me need to continue doing what they do, or they’ll go mad, (or maybe because they’ve already arrived at that insane destination!)

Tonight, if it is a clear night, I shall howl at the moon! Tonight I aim for the Sublime!



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