The Words of Mary Palmer

by Geoff Hall on November 20, 2013


I thought it would be good for us to reflect on the words read at our recent Tree House Common Union. Reading poetry has that initial impact, but I’m sure you are like me and would like to reflect further. So here are those words from our friend Mary Palmer.


Tidal Shift: Selected Poems By Mary Palmer. (Published by Awen Publications)

Tidal Shift: Selected Poems By Mary Palmer. (Published by Awen Publications)



“We live by faith, not by rules. By grace. The wind blows where it will, transforming and renewing. Just as fire purges and water cleanses, artists can challenge and disturb. In their search for integrity they may follow unconventional paths. Christ, a storyteller and poet, knew that.” [p142]







may we be bound

to others by cords of love

may peace

silence the discord of doubt




heal those feelings

brittle as leaf skeletons

that shatter to touch


those bruised memories

stamped as leaves on mud

those buds turned black


help me forgive

inspire new shoots to flourish

turn gentle to the sun




sculptor of stars and dreams

director of the storm

and moods of the sea –

breath words of healing

through me



The daily grind

may you, in your work

know joy

and a sense of purpose


may you use your talents

and feel fulfilled


may God work through you

in moments of friendship, fun

and laughter




when the going gets tough

may you bring good

out of adverse situations


have the courage

to denounce injustice

refrain from gossip


and the wisdom to know

when it’s time to move on

and let go


Peace and Love,


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