The Group Monthly Letter – Social Media Special

by Geoff Hall on March 31, 2014

March 2014 – Social Media Special


Mentoring support for word, image and performance arts

Mentoring support for word, image and performance arts


You’ll remember a number of years ago that Mark McGuinness spoke at a seminar The Group held on ‘finding your audience’. He talked of strange things like motherships and outposts and a few of us have taking this to heart and developed our own social media presence.


At the last Tree House, we had a discussion about using social media to support each others’ work. I said at the time that I’d be asking each member of the Arts Mentoring Group to provide me with a paragraph about who they are and what they are doing, in lingua franca please. I’ll then put this on the Arts Mentoring Blog along with the following details, putting up one page per week.


Personal website/blog:



Professional or Product Facebook page:








One of the key measures of the popularity of an act, product or performer is governed by the size of the audience they have in terms of followers on social media platforms. In the current climate, a film is more likely to gain a distribution contract, an up-and-coming musician a gig, if they already have fans scattered around the globe.


With this in mind, this monthly letter is different, as I’m asking each of you with your various gifts and vocations to respond by sending me the details for your accounts and sites, noted above. If you have others I’ve not mentioned, then please feel free to add the information.

I’ll start the ball rolling once I’ve allowed your thoughts to collect on this.


If you have none of these things, then let me encourage you to engage with this. I’ve heard some writers, theologians amongst them, say that social media doesn’t create real conversations and real ‘human’ relationships. I’m not someone who agrees with this jaundiced view of technology. Only recently because of my social media accounts My Name Is Sorrow was shown in New Jersey and I’ve had correspondence with people sharing their spiritual/life journeys with me. I’ve also recorded people with whom I’d like to collaborate with in the future. This is the new Agora…where we do business! Let’s connect with one another’s accounts and think about including pertinent links to websites on our own sites. It’s really that easy.


So, let’s support one another through our presence on the worldwide web of wonderment. It really can make a difference and increase your number of friends, followers, patrons, commissioners, readers, customers, fellow pilgrims etc. and it can also provide you with wonderful conversations. My author page has had 50,000 visits since December and my film page 145,000 since November, from real people and real companies!! Be there, or be analogue!

If you want to know more about social media, then do get in touch and I can walk/talk you through it, to the extent of my knowledge!





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