On Being an Artist – Marco Cazzulini Day Five

by Geoff Hall on January 25, 2012

“In the Garden”, c. 1981 (an ‘incidental’ sketch that holds a promise)

We live in that tension of needing to work alone, but also being part of what Johannes called ‘loving critique’ and fleeing those who are ‘negative and critical’. Life is too short for your talents to be stymied by those who know very little about what you do, but still rather you didn’t do it!

This is an age when we need to persevere, to be brave and go for it. There is much at stake and we don’t want to look back and think, “if only”. We need to be in the right place to receive what has been promised!


Day Five – Professional development – What do you see as the biggest necessity for developing your work as an artist?

Isolation is both a necessity and enemy. I need to know when it works for me, and against me. I need time to work some things out on my own and times to be critically appraised. Learning to hear the truth in criticism, or, separating the wheat from the chaff in criticism is a wisdom gift.

Finding ways to stimulate and invigorate the creative process. That might mean signing up for courses, visiting exhibitions or doing other creative things like keeping a journal.

Collaboration. A personal example is illustrating the work of poet friends.

Practice – doing the stuff – is vital to any development. As a painter the more I do the better decisions I make. There are always seasons when things just seem to flow but it is by doing that I generally learn.

Always keep a sketch book.


Tomorrow, we look at the Spiritual Development of the Artist.


Peace and Love,


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