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Jan Gossaert’s Renaissance – spirituality and synthesis

by Geoff Hall on June 7, 2011

We noted in the first part of this look at the work of Jan Gossaert that Renaissance spirituality was a synthetic fusion of Paganism, Classicism and Christianity.I alluded to Gossaert’s ‘Man with a Rosary’, 1525-30 and not simply gazing at the (…)

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Jan Gossaert’s Renaissance

by Geoff Hall on March 16, 2011

Jan Gossaert at the National Gallery, London – 23rd February to 30th May, 2011.When I researched the Iconoclastic Disorders of the 16th Century for my BA (Honours) Degree over 20 years ago, I came across an enchanting painting by Jan Gossaert (…)

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