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The Group Monthly Letter – April 2014

by Geoff Hall on April 30, 2014

 Technique over Artistry         Hi, Another month passes by and my learning increases as we press towards producing our film. I’ve learned more about business and the film industry, as well as directing and screenwriting, than I (…)

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The Group – Monthly Letter

by Geoff Hall on February 28, 2014

February 2014 – Seeking Justice         Hi, This is a speculative, ‘what if?’ kind of letter. I just wanted to ask this question about our focus as artists. So, here goes! The ‘what if’ is “What if (…)

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Art is a Spiritual Discipline – with material consequences

by Geoff Hall on August 12, 2010

a closing parenthesis: Art is, first and foremost a spiritual discipline.  That is not to say ethereal and disembodied, disconnected from the world.  It is a spiritual discipline with material consequences. It is therefore just like life, where ‘soul meets (…)

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