Guesting on Gideon Strauss’ blog!

by Geoff Hall on October 11, 2011

Hi Everyone,

Life has been kind of hectic, so apologies for the absence of content over the last ten days. This is just to let you know that I’m guesting on a blog in America for the next week. The first entry is up today, citing the 41 things that I love. It was supposed to be 50, but I ran out of steam! It’s an age thing!

Anyway, you can check out what I’m doing at the following link:

Gideon is a Senior Fellow at the Centre for Public Justice in Washington DC, but he appears to fly all over the country speaking and spreading the salt on justice issues. Please check out the rest of his site!

The next six days feature my responses to six questions about what I love, believe, where I belong, who I am, the things which constraints me and what I’d like to contribute with my life.

Have fun.

Peace and Love,




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