The Group Letter – February 2013

by Geoff Hall on February 27, 2013

February, 2013.  Just another brick in the wall…or a cog in the machine?


'Metropolis, The Worker's City'

So, how is it going for you, this thing we call the creative life? It’s always difficult to understand our calling; its scope, its need for sacrifice and particularly that thing called timing. Whilst we may not grasp the seasonal flow of our work, for our lives, it is important to know that amongst it all we are LOVED.


The first thing we need to understand is that we are loved and this is the key to understanding who we are and what we are here for. If we don’t know this, then all that is left are the things we ‘do’ – a list of busy-ness, of needs to be fulfilled. We’ll merely feel like a utility, a cog in the world machine. (Anonymous, but necessary for functionality). However, let’s reject that as a call to life; for our call is to be co-creators, co cultivators in this world and not be reduced to performing machine-like tasks and processes. “Humans are to be God’s image-bearers…they are to reflect,,,” writes Tom Wright (Simply Jesus) He goes on to say that this role is something which makes us ‘more fully human’.


The biggest challenge I face in my life is not trying to find the finance for my next adventure, but to know that I am loved. To quote a song, “don’t just tell me you love me, show me!” I’m waiting, sometimes patiently and at other times, well… You see it starts with love, it goes on through love and it ends in love, but…if we don’t start with this foundational view of ourselves then the rest is a chore. Maybe in the churning of machine parts we can just hear the still, small voice telling us that we are loved. Maybe? If not, then we are here for each other right; until the day dawns and the machine’s missing a cog or two and you and I are free to discover more of that love and be ‘more fully human’?

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Till then…

Peace and Love,


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