Fritz Lang’s Metropolis on show at Vue Cinema, Cribbs Causeway

by Geoff Hall on September 7, 2010

Exciting News!
The newly reconstructed and restored version of Fritz Lang’s ‘Metropolis‘ is on show at the Bristol Cribbs Causeway, Vue Cinema, this Sunday @ 5pm.  Some of you who came along to the Tree House, will remember me showing clips from 1920’s German silent films.  This is truly one of the greatest!
A negative of this version was found in Argentina and on inspection it revealed that this version had an extra 30mins footage, which no one with the DVD version will have seen.
So, if you are excited by films with genuine historical kudos and love the silent era, then pop along to see it.  The LINK in the title takes you to the Vue Cinema website with further information and times as well as ticket booking facilities.  HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!!  How exciting!

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What a wonderful experience it was to see this on the big screen! Lang's vision of a modern society (2000AD)rings true today with the spirit of the antichrist looming large, so much more than Lars von Trier's vision of creation according to Satan!

Brigitte Helm was fantastic and the transforamtion scene is so much more wonderful and powerful at this scale.

With the additional 30mins of film, the story coheres better and you get a greater sense of how grand the sets were too, as the mob charges through the streets whilst the Hidden City crumbles beneath.

Beutifully shot, wonderfully conceived. A TRUE EPIC!!

by geoffh on September 13, 2010 at 9:36 pm. Reply #

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