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On Being an Artist – with Deborah Keiller (Introduction)

by Geoff Hall on March 26, 2012

Intro: Hi, I’ve asked Bath artist Deborah Keiller to join us in the series ‘On Being an Artist’. Today we introduce Deborah and her work, to the world!   I’ve asked Deborah to tell us about her sense of identity (…)

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The Group Monthly letter – May 2011

by Geoff Hall on May 26, 2011

May, 2011. Reflections from the Tree House Mentoring support for those involved in word, image and performance arts Dear Arts Mentoring Group, Having clambered down the Tree House rope-ladder last week, my thoughts were stirred by what I’d seen and heard. It (…)

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Tree House – May 18th, 2011

by Geoff Hall on May 9, 2011

Hi Mentoring Group, The next TREE HOUSE is on May 18th @ 8pm. We are meeting at the Hooper House Cafe, 113 Stokes Croft, Bristol. BS1 3RW. CONTRIBUTORS ARE: Marco Cazzulini, Deborah Keiller, Tony Perrett, Heather D and Chris Lorensson. You (…)

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Date for next Tree House

by Geoff Hall on April 16, 2011

Hi Everyone,The date for the next Tree House is Wednesday 18th May, at 8pm. We’ll be meeting at the Hooper House Cafe 113, Stokes Croft. BS1 3RW.We’ll be exploring the question of developing a style, how your faith informs your practice (…)

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Sensuality and Spirituality

by Geoff Hall on November 20, 2010

Introduction: There is little left, only traces of a christian spirituality, free from institutional control.  The institution has occluded a radical community for the development of a spirituality which embraces the arts as culturally formative and sensually evocative. When I (…)

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