Some thoughts about good news

by Geoff Hall on December 8, 2010

  1. Much communication of good news isn’t good news, but condemnation.
  2. Condemnation is a powerplay to reinforce another person’s inferiority.
  3. ‘Inferior’ people do not understand how privileged they are, that ‘good news’ is being transmitted through a superior mediator!
  4. This mediation reveals the cultural gap between mainstream culture and the christian sub-culture.
  5. The christian sub-culture is not normative, but reactionary.
  6. This reaction is produced by insecurity and creates fear.
  7. Fear makes us retreat.
  8. Perfect loves casts out all fear.
  9. Love reverses retreat.
  10. Cultural development is based on the epistemology of love.

 11. Rainbow coloured bullet points seemed like a good idea…at the time!!



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