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Translating the Invisible Wind – Part Thirteen

by Geoff Hall on October 29, 2010

Copyright Control. Bridget Riley ‘Movement in Squares’ 1961. The spiritual informs the material! Many phenomenologists make the mistake of using their research to tell us about the human condition – from a neutral scientific standpoint – and from thence pronounce (…)

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Translating the Invisible Wind – Part Twelve

by Geoff Hall on September 9, 2010

Marcel Duchamp, ‘Fountain’. 1917. If as an artist, your work only points to the real, that is, you have been persuaded that one must communicate to an audience only through the phenomena of this life, then all this does is (…)

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Art is a Spiritual Discipline – with material consequences

by Geoff Hall on August 12, 2010

a closing parenthesis: Art is, first and foremost a spiritual discipline.  That is not to say ethereal and disembodied, disconnected from the world.  It is a spiritual discipline with material consequences. It is therefore just like life, where ‘soul meets (…)

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