Help Japan – Silent Auction

by Geoff Hall on April 5, 2011

Hi Everyone,

Please read the letter and invitation from Kaori Homma, re the ‘Art Action Support for Japan’ initiative. Please respond with compassion!



Dear Friends,
I would like to ask if you can kindly invite anyone who might be interested in this Charity Event taking place in Budapest.
All the proceeds from this event will go directly to Red Cross Japan Tsunami Fund.
I am also very happy to announce that a representative from Japan Embassy will be attending this event.
Please see attached invitation.
Date:4月14日(木)12-6時までプライベートビュー& サイレント・オークション
Venue: Brody House, Brody Sandor Utcha 10,1088, Budapest, Hungary
Organised by : Drawing Room Hungary
Supported by:Brody House,IPA Foundation,Hajdu Menyhei,Taste Hungary,Maki School,Guiness House
Thank you very much
Kaori Homma

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