On Being an Artist – Johannes Manz, Day Two

by Geoff Hall on January 10, 2012

Continuing our series ‘On Being an Artist’ with Johannes Manz, owner of the beautiful Aspekt Galerie in Neustadt, Germany.

We are looking briefly today at developing markets and clients. You will be aware that this is not all through social media, but it includes that thing called human contact. We thrive when we connect with others. The Group will be holding a Tree House meeting near Easter to facilitate a coming together with Johannes and Birgit when they visit Bristol. Watch this space for more details.


Day Two: How as a gallery owner do you expand your market; develop a client list, network, promote your gallery through social media? How do you attract clients, get people interested in your projects, finding funding sources, or marketing your work?

We expand our market by connecting with people, by networking and developing personal relationships. It’s all about people. I ask each visitor to subscribe to our mailing list and invite them to our Sunday afternoon coffee-meeting which will become in 2012, what we call an  ’Art Convention’. We will have Artist Talks, Discussions and COFFEE. We cultivate a personal contact to our local Press and to the City Council’s Department of Cultural Affairs.

Facebook and Twitter are our main social media channels, where I meet such heavyweight Potentials as Geoff Hall, who became a dear friend and encourager to us.

In 2012 we begin to exhibit Artists from abroad, from Switzerland and France and our goal is be become strong enough to invite also Artists from England and overseas.

As a Gallery we want to set a mark of excellence and uniqueness, both in Neustadt and in the world Art Scene.

Check out the Aspekt Galerie by following this link


Aspekt Galerie's Annual Review Exhibition


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