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The Cultural Way of Being

by Geoff Hall on March 31, 2016

March  2016 – The Cultural Way of Being Five years ago, ‘The Cultural Way of Being’ was published. (All quotes are from the Kindle Edition). TCWB was at the time, a kind of manifesto of intent, moving on from (…)

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New Tree House Event

by Geoff Hall on May 28, 2015

Hi, The Next Tree House event will be on Wednesday, June 24th at the Hooper House Cafe, Stokes Croft. Doors open at 8pm with Tapas provided!   Jane Lee will be speaking to us about her work as artist-in-residence  at Saint (…)

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The Group Social Media Feeds – Sheona Beaumont

by Geoff Hall on April 28, 2014

BIO: Sheona’s work seeks to bring advanced techniques in image manipulation and printing to bear on spiritual subjects: after complex processing with layers and blending, she produces works in a variety of media, from printing on metallic films, to 3D (…)

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Trigger Editions

by Geoff Hall on November 4, 2010

All the things you wish you had said but never did…. All the things you are glad you never said….Things you just forgot to mention.[ Film Link: ]Just published, an anthology of poems inspired by a two-year project by (…)

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