Trigger Editions

by Geoff Hall on November 4, 2010

All the things you wish you had said but never did….
All the things you are glad you never said….
Things you just forgot to mention.

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Just published, an anthology of poems inspired by a two-year project by artist Sarah J Trigg (a member of the arts mentoring group). During this time Sarah collected people’s ‘unsaid words’, which range from ‘I wish I had told you that you are not a burden…’ to ‘take the next left!’ A national competition was launched inviting poets to create new works inspired by the project, culminating in this limited edition artist book. The poems sit alongside the original hand-written statements that inspired them and each book is accompanied by a set of postcards.

This is the first artist book to be produced and published by Trigger Editions, a small publisher of limited edition artworks launched earlier this year. Based in Bristol and run by Sarah Trigg, Trigger Editions collaborate with artists to produce high quality, affordable art works, prints and book works made to ‘trigger’ some kind of interaction or exchange between artist, viewer and artwork. Trigger Editions specialises in art works that hold the act of giving and receiving as integral to the piece.

Whilst working as a visual artist based in Spike Island, Sarah has set up Trigger Editions as a platform for artist-books and multiples that are affordable and often interactive. She has previously published a book for Sheona Beaumont (another member of the group) and is currently looking to work with other artists, especially those working from a Christian worldview, producing contemporary visual art and poetry.

You can find out more about this book and what Trigger Editions is all about at  – click on the TITLE of this posting to access the site.

Sarah would love to make contact with other artists/poets/illustrators who have experience of making contemporary work, engaging with the zeitgeist in a counter-cultural but nuanced way. You can also find Trigger Editions on Twitter and Facebook.

Sarah J Trigg – Trigger Editions


Good idea, Sarah. I hope to hear about the next edition so I might submit something poetic. Thanks, Mark

by Mark R. Turner on November 4, 2010 at 11:27 pm. Reply #

What a creative idea for a book! Congratulations to everyone who was involved in bringing it to light!

by Heather on November 8, 2010 at 3:22 am. Reply #

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