On Being an Artist – Marco Cazzulini Day Two

by Geoff Hall on January 20, 2012

“Botanic Gardens”, acrylic on canvas, 2010

Day Two – We are probably comfortable in our own shoes; writing, painting, sculpting or dancing! However, it seems to me that when we move from our artistic work and into that thing we call ‘promotion’ or ‘marketing’ we are often, but not always unable to sell oursleves, to ‘sell’ our work.

Marco touches on social media and he’s right it does take commitment, it is not about having a passive presence, you have to be actively engaged; checking out possible networks, potential friends (I refer you back to my meeting with Johannes Manz via Twitter!) You can’t just throw up a website and think the world can now see you. The world needs to know where to look!

So, Marco has taken this oppritunity to guest blog on the The Group’s bloghaus! Who knows where it will lead. BUT, take a look at the commitment and passion in his work ‘Botanical Gardens’, above this piece. Tell me you are not enthralled, capitivated by this scene of ‘everyday’ beauty!


The Question:

Art students aren’t taught about how to expand their market as an artist; developing a client list, networking, promoting their work through social media. How do you go about attracting clients, getting people interested in your projects, finding funding sources, or marketing your work?

The answer – As well as an artist I am a self-employed graphic designer. This confession, you might think, would mean my marketing strategies are well rehearsed and up to speed. I admit, whether because of age, temperament or general inclination my own marketing, promotion and networking has been piece-meal. I could do better. I do know that the best experiences have been born relationally and so I advocate a cultivation of genuine interest in others (non-contingent) that may yield mutual opportunities. Today’s social media afford many ways to build authentic networks and communities but they do involve time and commitment. And, I still believe that being in the right place at the right time often throws open unexpected doorways.

Is this a God thing? I’m sure he knows what he pleasures to do for us and when. Does this exclude effort on our part? I don’t think so, but we do well to learn to wait, listen and then respond because too much of the wrong kind of striving will wear us out (or at least it does me!). In essence I recognise my need for, and pray about, allies and advocates and I seek to operate in a reciprocal manner.

Marco's business logo


We’ll return on Monday with the third part of Marco’s guest blog, when we look at the relationship between arts and spiritual institutions!

Have a great weekend.



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