On Being an Artist – Johannes Manz Day Six

by Geoff Hall on January 16, 2012

"Escalier" (Stairs) , Stained Glass by Aurelié Dupin

Day Six– the penultimate session with Johannes and today we consider professional development.

There is something special about a gallery isn’t there? It is made even more special when the owners have what you might call a spiritual presence, for the peace one feels in the gallery is not a fluke, or down to good design. Whilst it is a beautiful building, it could also be a beautiful shell. The peace one feels is part of what Johannes and Birgit have invested in their work.

The undulating economics of Neustadt means that buildings which once had a wonderful purpose, (wine cultivation) could be left derelict. What Johannes and Birgit have achieved is testament to what we might call the ‘creative economy’ – whereby the creative industries aid the economic and social well-being of a place (like Neustadt) and are a power for good, for hope, for transformation. They have a rejuvenating presence. This is what’s being achieved with the Aspekt Galerie.

I think this rejuvenating presence is how we should see our calling and vocation in the arts. Our aim is to resurrect spirituality in our day, for the people we live amongst, for our families and friends.

Dupin’s stained glass reminds us not of church or sacred ground, nor even the supposed borderlands between sacred and profane spaces. The shifting perspective becomes an elevation of the everyday, the sphere of the hero at home, at the studio or on the factory floor.



Professional development – What do you see as the biggest necessity for developing your work as an artist/gallery owner?

Since the Gallery is a young company – in 2012 we entered our third year – the biggest necessity for developing our work is customer requisition. We want to be known for excellent exhibitions, for integrity and for the unique approach in the selection of artists and the statement of their works.

We love our work and are highly committed to it and to our Artists. Therefore we work hard to do an excellent job in curating the exhibitions, communicating the essentials around the Artist and their work. Our main focus is on the Artists, the Visitors and the Media (Press).

One other necessity is to be linked into various local, national and international networks. I am always looking for people who are willing to connect with us. These include gallery owners, art historians and artists. And of course People who love to buy and invest in art, because they recognize the need to promote it.


The Aspekt Galerie, Neustadt Germany




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