On Being an Artist – Johannes Manz Day Seven

by Geoff Hall on January 17, 2012


“Landscape”, Watercolour by Marit Havekost

Day Seven – Today is the last day we have  Johannes Manz as our guest blogger. Thank you Johannes for your contribution to the Arts Mentoring Blog, the bloghaus of The Group!

The range of work shown at the Aspekt Galerie is quite wonderful. Check out the website for other works by Marit Havekost  and further aesthetic expressions of landscape.

The final question focuses on giving advice to young graduates. Whatever the medium of your work, I think this advice from Johannes will ring true for you. Whether sculpture, music, painting, poetry, dance or film, to name but a few, never live as an artist isolated from others. It is in the communal context that we thrive, if our work is to be part of the transformation of all things.


If you were giving advice to a young graduate wanting to make their way in the world as an artist, what would you say to them? 


Johannes Manz owner of the Aspekt Galerie

Work, rest, work, rest, work and do not quit.

Seek times of inspiration, surround yourself with beauty.

Believe in your calling, trust your inner Voice.

Do not isolate yourself; hang out with people who encourage you and flee those who are negative and critical.

Listen to those who give you loving critique and well-meaning advice.

Think big. Start small.

Strongly dissent with people who tell you what you cannot do what you are called to do(!!!)



The Aspekt Galerie - Neustadt, Germany

On Thursday we’ll be starting a series of responses to these questions with guest blogger and artist Marco Cazzulini. To mark this new series, tomorrow I’ll be giving you details of a piece written about Marco, ‘Eyeing the Potency of Colour’.




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