On Being an Artist – Johannes Manz Day Four

by Geoff Hall on January 12, 2012

“Anspiel” (face-off), Oil on Canvas by Julia Belot


I remember my visit to Neustadt an der Weinstrasse to visit Johannes und Birgit Manz and see the Aspekt Galerie. Here were two people in Love with their God and also in love with art. Neustadt is in a wine-growing region of Germany, a sure sign that this was going to be a successful trip!!

It’s amazing what you can do with Twitter. From those first 140 character messages was crafted a relationship of love and admiration for them and their work.

My lasting memory of the gallery is an overflowing of peace; you have to go there to understand what I mean, but please check out the videos on the Arts Mentoring Group Facebook page (and please become a member of The Group) . I was fortunate to be there during an exhibition by Julia Belot and introduced to work which oozed with psychological tension. Today I’ve asked Johannes a question about being a gallery owner in such a wonderful town!


What is the biggest challenge to you as a gallery owner?


Johannes Manz owner of the Aspekt Galerie

To stay in the balancing act between encouraging artists and selecting the art I want to exhibit.

Giving young and unknown Artists a chance and earning an income to run the Gallery.

We wish to walk by faith and live from grace not from hard work.

To fight against the saying ”Das ist brotlose Kunst”, which means ”There is no money in that” Especially in the Arts! In fact this is not only a saying but also a stronghold in People’s minds, which declares Art and the Artist on one hand as poor and on the other hand as luxury.


Aspekt Galerie from Maximilian Strasse, 2011.


Johannes und Birgit Manz in Neustadt Market Square, 2011

Peace and Love,

Frieden und Liebe,












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