New website launched by artist Jane Lee

by Geoff Hall on March 4, 2013

Hi Everyone,

Here’s something to celebrate. One of The Group, Jane Lee, has just launched her new website. You can find it at:


"Old Master I" by Jane Lee

The site is a celebration of Jane’s work thus far, and you can see the obvious joy of mark-making throughout her work. In many of the images, there is a sublime stillness, which allows the viewer the space to ponder what is set before them.

In terms of the moving image, this works equally well with her video installation ‘XXIV’ with time-lapse photography and ambient sound.  (Dur: 10mins, on website). It captures the sense of sacred space and the noises of everyday life; bringing them together to create a sense of completeness, a restoration of time and space.

There is something to be said for an artist who doesn’t want to dismiss the past as irrelevant to Postmodern themes of transience; who honours the work of historical mark-makers and shares in this legacy for contemporary image making.

I’d like to recommend Jane’s work to you, as captured on her website. Take the time to ponder a while on the themes therein and revel in masterful, aesthetically-charged artwork.













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