Japanese Earthquake – A Letter from Kaori Homma

by Geoff Hall on March 24, 2011

Here is a letter from our friend and fellow artist, Kaori Homma.

Dear Friends,

I just want to report that my aunt and her family who lived in Sendai survived the Quake and Tsunami, are somehow coping in sub-zero temperature, though supplies are limited.  

My father is involved in the church action where they are getting a convoy of trucks together to go into near Fukushima where other drivers are refusing to go in, with basic supply and planning to bring around 60 people out of the area and house them in Okutama church where my father is an associate minister. As you can imagine, because of this my parents are not fleeing Tokyo despite of the current radiation scare. I am just praying that the worst can be avoided.

Meanwhile, I am setting up an action group to fund raise for Japan through ART, and you can see our blog which is just set up today as below.
Please take a look.


I am so grateful for the overwhelming support I am receiving from everybody.
It will be great if you can continue your kind support!

Thank you

Kaori Homma

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