Group Letter – January

by Geoff Hall on January 31, 2011

December, 2010.  “the epistemology of love”

Dear Mentoring Group,

Well, it’s been quite a month hasn’t it?  What with Tunisia and Egypt rocking and reeling from people-power and protests organised via Facebook and Twitter AND it appears that Yemen is next.

And what do we make of Mohamed El Baradei, President Hosni Mubarak’s replacement leader, allegedly? My worry about him is that he talks of ‘regime’ change, when it is exactly the opposite of what the Egyptian people need, another regime.  Whilst he has support from the Moslem Brotherhood I also fear for our Coptic brothers and sisters who have been systematically kidnapped, tortured or raped and then forced to convert to Islam. This has been achieved with the connivance of the Mukhabarat, the Egyptian Secret Police.
Please pray that there will not be a ‘regime change’, but that freedom reigns.

How we know the world, is not through power and how we really change the world is not through violence. We both know and change the world through love.  This is what Tom Wright has to say about it,

The sterile antithesis of ‘objective’ and ‘subjective’, where we say that things are either objectively true…or subjectively true…is overcome by the epistemology of love which is called into being as the necessary mode of knowing for those who will live in the new public world, the world launched at Easter, the world in which Jesus is Lord and Caesar isn’t. (‘Surprised by Hope’, p.85)

It is love that replaces the tyrant.  How can we as artists participate in this ousting of tyranny, of setting people free from oppression, of helping the blind see and the lame dance?

As artist we will begin this journey through love.  In Luke ch11, Jesus shows some appalling table manners when invited to the home of a Pharisee for a meal.  He calls the other Pharisees present ‘hopeless’, ‘frauds’, ‘stupid’!  But then He mentions this ‘key of knowledge’ (v52).  What is the key of knowledge?  It is Love! Because if you love God with all your heart and your neighbour as yourself, then that is the beginning of knowing the world, the key to knowing ourselves, our calling and vocation and the key to creating captivating art.

It is in showing love that we set people free, give sight to the blind, and help the lame walk.  It is through love that our work speaks to people, captures their attention and imagination.

Power and violence have only caused injustice, famine and plague and if the people of Egypt really want to be free, may they align themselves with love and not the purveyors of nihilistic violence and oppression.

Peace and Love to you all,


Tree House is next Wednesday 9th February at Cafe Kino. 108, Stokes Croft. (BS1 3RU)!  8PM  Our presenters and performers that evening will be Sarah J Trigg, (Trigger Editions), James Bragg (Intense Music), Rob Creet will be providing us with the some ambient VJ-ing, Chris Lorensson will be talking about his new publishing company (Upptacka Press) and presenting the author of its first publication, Me! (The book is ‘The Wilderness and the Desert of the Real’) Please come along, bring your friends and support us.  We need your help to make it a great occasion! Thanks

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