Kaori Homma – ‘After the End’ Exhibition – Elysium Gallery, Swansea

by Geoff Hall on May 13, 2010

After the End…..
Private view 14th May, 7pm- till late
Elysium Gallery, 96-97 Mansel Street, Swansea, SA1 5UE

The apparent end of my art practice arrived at the point in my life where the conflict between motherhood and being artist became too much to bare.
It was too painful and costly to even consider if my art was worth anything at all or meant anything. When faced with my little girl in the intensive care unit waiting for the major brain surgery, on the face of matter of life and death, it was not even a question.

So, consequently, I have burned my art works.

A Problem of Annihilation, a video by Kaori Homma.

Of course, I was not the only one who has done such a sacrilegious act. Michael Landy has done that perhaps much more methodically and thoroughly. I also know countless others, who have done that without ceremonies or any public acknowledgement.

However, strange thing was that, though I was prepared to let it all go, and indeed tried to let them go through ultimate means by burning.
It did not leave me.

The aspirations and desires to succeed has gone, and yet, the deep unsettling aching within me to create/to utter a sentence or two in a language I understood has not left me. I think I understand why Landy has painted all these weeds.

I knew then, that it was no longer a matter of choice, but something that was given. 

I have tentatively started to work again, after this period.
Using transient medium such as fire, vinegar and water on paper, I have burned the image on to the paper to make it as the integral part of the substance. The fact the image contains a level of fragility and the notion of death within it, I think is a fitting tool to go on this journey.

Detail of ‘Study of East’.

Kaori Homma, 2010.

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