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by Geoff Hall on April 28, 2014

"Red-Planet" © Sheona Beaumont, 2011.

“Red-Planet” © Sheona Beaumont, 2011.


Sheona’s work seeks to bring advanced techniques in image manipulation and printing to bear on spiritual subjects: after complex processing with layers and blending, she produces works in a variety of media, from printing on metallic films, to 3D and animated lenticular prints. She was short-listed for Best Set of Images in the RGB Awards (Grant Bradley Gallery, Bristol, 2012), the Urbis Prize (Grant Bradley Gallery, Bristol, 2004), and the Channel 4 Year 1 Photography Competition (The Photo Gallery, London, 2001), as well as winning the Corner Art Prize (Corner Church, Islington, London, 2001).


Sheona brings a particular focus on contemporary cultural expressions of spirituality considered as image-based, media-led experiences. In this she continues research and writing which have included previous publications with organizations such as AN, Art & Christianity Enquiry (ACE), Bible Society, the University of the West of England, and Cardus (on-line Canadian journal).

by Sheona Beaumont. (Amazon Link)

by Sheona Beaumont.

A second edition of her book ‘Bristol Through the Lens’ was published with Tangent Press in 2011. She is a regional associate for ACE in the South West, being based in Bristol.


Her blog, and a portfolio of her work and writing can be found on-line by following the Red-Planet image link, above.

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