The Group Christmas Letter – The Sowing of Light

by Geoff Hall on November 29, 2011

The sowing of light.








Dear Arts Mentoring Group,


I was doing my early morning reflection & meditation on Song 97. It offers us a rich, evocative metaphor on this theme of light.


Light is sown for the righteous,

and gladness for the upright in heart.


As we ponder the Christmas Season we often focus on Light. We tend of course to highlight this miraculous birth and the coming of the Light of the World, but my reflections were stopped in their tracks this morning by this picture of “Light is sown…”


What an amazing phrase, what a mixing of metaphors. In sowing we come across an agricultural process and our thoughts are cast forward to watering and harvesting. We understand that Creation has this amazing thing, this seed with life inside it and we also know that if we want to eat from this seed it will not only need to be planted, but nurtured and harvested.


From Creation we are taught a lesson for life, a lesson for artistic practice, about the potential our gifts have to bring light to the world. God has already given us what we need, the seeds have been planted, but how we cultivate this gift determines the fruit we’ll bring to the world.


Our work in word, image and performance arts demands a commitment to cultivate our gifts during dry and rainy seasons. As we walk through the Wilderness all is not lost, for we carry this seed within, this seed of light. However, when we leave that arid terrain the seed needs to be planted into the rich soil of artistic community. It is here that it will flourish, for a seed alone doesn’t provide a rich harvest to sustain life.


Spiritual formation requires taking an inward journey to the heart. Although this journey takes place in community and leads to service, the first task is to look within, reflect on our daily life, and seek God and God’s activity right there.

Henri Nouwen, ‘Spiritual Formation: Following the Movements of the Spirit.’ Published by SPCK, 2011. p. XIX.


Nouwen goes on to say that community is a gift of the Spirit which facilitates this inward journey of the heart.


When we consider that Jesus’ time on earth included periods of hiding from the murderous intent of the authorities and also a Wilderness sojourn, we can’t perceive such times as detrimental to His calling. However unlike Jesus we are not able to defy the laws of gravity, but we can arrest the momentum of the Fall through our work, as long as it is rooted in community. It is in community that our work has the greatest potency.


As we ponder being children of Light, we must bring our gifts to the One who makes all things cohere. As another psalmic Song sounds out, “Put me together, one heart and mind.” Coherence within us will bring coherence to our work; it will also help to plant the seeds of light in an age of despair and hopelessness. There is more light sown than we may think, quite ample for the task!


Have a great Christmas and I hope to see you on December 14th at the Christmas Tree House. Don’t forget to email me to book your ticket!

Peace and Love to you all,



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