On Being an Artist – with Deborah Keiller (Introduction)

by Geoff Hall on March 26, 2012


Hi, I’ve asked Bath artist Deborah Keiller to join us in the series ‘On Being an Artist’. Today we introduce Deborah and her work, to the world!


I’ve asked Deborah to tell us about her sense of identity as an artist. 

"Alteration" by Deborah Keiller

I struggled academically at school & but developed a passion for the visual arts while on a two year Foundation Course in Art in my late teens. I then went on to take a degree in Textile design at Winchester School of Art. I spent this time tussling with a desire to produce textile ‘fine art’ while on a course tailored to ‘design’.

During this time I also grappled with issues surrounding my faith & art in a church environment that little understood this tension. Retrospectively I can see this as a crucial time in developing my thoughts concerning my faith, the arts and their place in my world….however at the time it was all quite frustrating!

I am learning how everything in life; the good, the bad & the ugly all mix together in a cocktail of opportunity to help inform my faith & form my world view. Learning to find a balance & rhythm in life and a deeper spirituality in every situation is crucial to my work as well as my person.

On my website I have a strap line ‘Wild Goose Chaser’. I have used the imagery of the Wild Goose as a duel statement! It could refer to the fact that as an artist I am seen to be in pursuit of something fruitless and futile if one interprets it according to Shakespearian tradition. Many people perceive artists like this, which is ok by me…being misunderstood goes with the territory! However, according to Celtic Christian Tradition, the Wild Goose represents The Holy Spirit, thereby suggesting I am in pursuit of something entirely different!  Wild Geese are known for their untameable & capricious nature. They are intrinsically free!  I’m learning that by chasing the Great Wild Goose, my life is anything but fruitless!”


You can contact Deborah through her website, at:


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