On Being an Artist – Marco Cazzulini Day Six

by Geoff Hall on January 26, 2012

“My Father the Gardener”, oil on canvas, 2009

Life lived out in the fray of the everyday, the tangle of stuff and the conspiracy of inanimate things may inform our spirituality, but they should never define us! We may find that in creating, there is a greater correspondence with our spirituality, but there comes a time when, if we are to see clearly we need to find that quiet space to relfect in the Mirror provided for us.

Art is another mirror for the purpose of reflection. The Father in the garden, showing the son how to do stuff, how to cultivate and take care of the land, what is planted and what needs weeding is a good metaphor to pursue with Marco’s pastoral canvas, above.

Whether we be painters, sculptors, musicians, writers, filmmakers or dancers we will find good things to cultivate, but also other weed-like things, which we need to deal with; to pluck up, to pull out, to clear the ground for the planting of good things.

Enjoy Marco’s sixth day as guest blogger!


Day Six – Spiritual Development – How do you understand the need for the spiritual development of the artist? 

Take care of the whole man! In that sense my artistic practice is part of my spiritual nature. It does not define it but reveals it.


I need to take care of what I ultimately hold before me as worthy of worship and that will affect the way I work and what value I ascribe to what I produce. To seek God and know him overarches all things. This, of course, is easier said than done. As I get older spiritual development and great theological themes and concerns are often played out in the ‘ordinariness’ of life. Practically, my spiritual development is circumscribed by the choices I make everyday – how I interact with others and the world around me, following the little nudges of God etc. One thing I plan to undertake soon is time away, a retreat, where space and some silence (quieting the myriad voices and expectations) will give room for me to listen more acutely to God.


Tomorrow is Marco’s final day and he’ll be spreading a little wisdom around the place for young graduates!


Peace and Love,


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Great to read Marco’s blog entries. Marco – your desire to undertake a retreat has reminded me that you & I really need to talk! Plans are moving ahead with SOZO ARTS whose ‘raison d’etre’ is to provide Art Holidays and Artists’ Retreats at a beautiful & calm location in Portugal. I have the feeling this may well be the place for you! We would LOVE to welcome you there. Please drop me a line at kit@kitjenningsart.com

by Kit a.k.a. Chris Jennings on January 26, 2012 at 5:49 pm. Reply #

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