On Being an Artist – Johannes Manz

by Geoff Hall on January 9, 2012

OR, On ‘Being’ a Gallerist (and the things we need to do to keep body and soul together)

I met Johannes and Birgit Manz last year (2011). Johannes got in touch via Twitter to thank me for encouraging artists in and around Bristol.  We began talking via email and then Skype. A little later I traveled to Neustadt to see them and their wonderful gallery – The Aspekt Galerie. It became clear that we shared many things amongst our beliefs, worldview and our love of art and the artist.

In the future we are looking to work together, perhaps on a convention for artists and those wanting to learn how to support artists. I wait in eager anticipation for the outcome of our desire to work together.



Intro for the GUEST BLOGGER:

I’ve asked JOHANNES MANZ to please tell us about his sense of identity as a gallery owner.


I started doing Art as a child and my delight was to mess around with clay. Colours were not so much a place where I felt comfortable. In school my art teachers discovered my talent and asked me to study Sculpting, but for my parents that was not really a ‘safe place’ to settle and urged me to move on the safe side of the street and find a profession with a steady income. But for my inner calling, as the years floated by, it turned out to be not so much the ‘bright-side’ of life, but more the dark and sad side. That is because my talents are eternal, and they awakened each time after I had buried them. So I decided to work as a ‘part time’ sculptor and do the best in my situation.


After many years my odyssey brought me to Neustadt, where my wife Birgit (she studied Art and works as Art Teacher) and I stumbled across an abandoned first upper floor in a Classicist mansion – the former sparkling wine cellar “Carstens SC”. This was the beginning of Gallery ASPEKT.

From my own experience I know how difficult it can be to find a Gallery or a place to exhibit one’s Works, a place to meet art-loving People who are willing to discuss your work and to buy it as a Token of Appreciation, or because the Artwork speaks to them.


So we decided to start the business. But it turned out that Gallery ASPEKT is not only a business, but also a Platform, a Meeting Point and ’Router’, a part of an emerging network.

I would be thrilled to get in Contact with you.

So don’t hesitate to write or phone.


Johannes Manz

Galerie ASPEKT

Maximilianstraße 18

D-67433 Neustadt


Phone:  +49 6321 929 72 51

Fax +49 6321 929 96 86

Mail: info@aspektgalerie.com

Web: http://www.aspektgalerie.com

Also on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Galerie-ASPEKT/201638379877490

and Twitter @aspektgalerie

By the Way: We seek an English Translator for our Internet Page!

Part Two appears tomorrow – How as a gallery owner do you expand your market; develop a client list, network, promote your gallery through social media? How do you attract clients, get people interested in your projects, find funding sources, or marketing your work? 

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