Life is Like a Neon Light – The Group Monthly Letter (May)

by Geoff Hall on May 19, 2013

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Life is like a Neon Light:

It crackles and burst with energy,

it lights up a bland urban landscape,

it illuminates,

it guides,

it attracts the eye.



This is the kind of life I want:



Crackling with energy.


I don’t want a theology or philosophy of life,

but a life that is flesh and blood, lived-out,



crackling with energy and defying intellectual or scientific verification.


I don’t want a spirituality that is theologically authenticated, sanctified and passed fit for human consumption, harmonious with Institutional needs,

but a life that is,



crackling with energy and defying institutional control.


I don’t want an art that is qualified by a bored of matriculation, but is



crackling with energy and stops people in their tracks.


I don’t want to be reminded that God is for me, I want to experience it, be taken by surprise by it, Gobsmacked-and-Godsmacked.

A flesh and blood experience, not

an out of body experience.


a lived-in pair of shoes,

not well-designed footwear,

exhibited on a shelf in a design theory showroom.


My shoes have holes in them, wherein every month my soul bleeds out, where I feel inadequate, a disappointment to those around me, in a WORD, ineffectual.

I want the allure of a neon light,

the wow-factor that neon lights have over ordinary workaday bulbs.


From 'Stalker' a Tarkovsky masterpiece

I only have one souldude in this life and he is approximately 8,000 miles away from me. If I could travel at a thousand miles per hour, it would take me 8 hours to get there and I guess I’d be rather tired when I arrived. Whatever the electrical principles are for a neon light to work, that’s what we have when we are together. Heresy is so much funnier when souldude is around.


Creatively, life is



crackling with energy, when we are together, conspiring.


“The world”, said a wise rock singer, “is more malleable than we think.”

The problem is, we are not in the real world of malleability, but the sub-culture of fixed in glass-concrete-and-stone truth, (rather than truth becoming flesh…truth that bleeds).

My other friend, whom I have not yet met, tells me,

“You cannot bring a fresh, new word about human flourishing and expect the old, established systems of oppression and power to stand by passively [and accept it].”

The sub-culture is part of that system and consequently our isolation from the world makes it a less malleable place and thinking about, is just like the administration of an anaesthetic on our imagination, dulling us to the pain of the world. Compassion cannot be felt when the oppressed deserve their injustice as a measure of Divine judgement!

But when we start to feel that pain and injustice ourselves, we find that the anaesthetic wears off. Our calling in the arts isn’t for maintaining this status quo, but for transformation, which is not prescribed, but experienced freely.

Our calling is to challenge the status quo,

to disarm the powers (not re-arm them)

To help people see the world anew, as it is meant to be.


No longer

the loser,

the delusional,

the one we don’t want to talk about in the


studio, or


But the Neon Light,


alluring people away from slavery and

unnecessary anaesthetic dependency.

Crackling with energy and…

in a word,






really appreciated reading that – freeing

by Jamie on May 22, 2013 at 12:14 pm. Reply #

Thank you Jamie,
I think sometimes when the water is agitated, it is best to jump in!


by Geoff Hall on May 22, 2013 at 1:45 pm. Reply #

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