making the invisible visible

by Geoff Hall on August 27, 2015

      AUGUST, 2015. “…a feat [which] once required night escapades by a few trained and adventurous graffiti artists: [that of] making the invisible visible, rendering the neglected, ignored and abandoned blatantly, jarringly present…”  Zygmunt Bauman and David Lyon (…)

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Is community still possible?

by Geoff Hall on August 3, 2015

      July, 2015. In a response to Sheona’s guest blog article, I commented about my desire for community; whilst we understand that we make things in isolation from each other in the hope of one day making the (…)

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Phoenix-Flare – New Tracks

by Geoff Hall on August 1, 2015

Phoenix- Flare on Bandcamp. Hi, James and Chris have released two new tracks with their band Phoenix-Flare and you can now purchase ‘Tides and Seasons’ and ‘Self-destruct’ HERE.   Peace, Geoffx